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We offer customized marketing strategy and planning solutions designed to fit your business. By leveraging our diversity of expertise across various digital channels, tactics and fields, we combine experience, testing, consumer analysis, and SEO with conversion optimization and digital best-practices to help accelerate your brand and business’ growth.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Strategy & Planning

Successful marketing campaigns start with a strong strategy and organized planning approach. We offer comprehensive and tactical marketing strategy and planning solutions to help you improve part or all of your business’ marketing initiatives. See below for strategy and planning services we offer.

Conversion Rate Optimization Program

Are you getting a lot of site visitors but failing to convert? Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Program is uniquely designed to help increase the percentage of sit visitors who take a desired action. Whether you’re looking to grow your email newsletter list or drive sales of a certain product or service, our CRO program can help you improve your outcomes.

What is the Agnes Anne CRO Program?

Our CRO Program involves diving deep – into your website, your audience’s mind and behavior, your business goals and content. During the analysis stage, we’ll gather data and identify obstacles that may be hindering performance. Then, from our analysis, we’ll develop a digital marketing strategy for improving the conversion rate of your website. This may include SEO optimization of landing pages, backend site clean, updating website functionalities and other key user experience efforts.

Review Management & Generation

Word of mouth isn’t gone, it’s just all happening online. Reddit, Google reviews and Facebook reviews, we’re experienced in helping you garner positive reviews from existing customers as well as manage the overall review generation strategy for your business. We also offer review management services that include monthly reviews and analysis of current customer reviews online, to help paint a picture of brand perception and identify opportunities for improvement that apply at the brand, business, product and customer service levels.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Protecting the privacy of your customers goes a long way

Today’s marketing strategies and online experiences both leverage copious amounts of personal data. And because we are operate on a global plane, we work diligently to ensure GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliance requirements are met.


Whether we are working on an audit, analysis, or SEO and advertising project for you, it’s our imperative to ensure your organization is digitally set up to properly handle and protect any personal data for operation within the EU and USA.

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